Advanced Certificate In Human Resources Management

Our integrated H.R. Training Program is specifically designed for the Working Professionals who are looking to hone their skills in Understanding the Modern H.R. Management Practices. The highly engaging ‘Ace it H.R. Training Program’ is delivered by Industry experts, employing the most advanced and modern Training Approach.
The program consists of several workshops conducted in a team environment providing the participants the opportunity to work individually on their own HR strategic plan as well as working in teams discussing the elements of their strategic plans. The course content primarily focuses on developing job descriptions, Competency Statements and Competency Models as elements of the Assessment Process. The course will reinforce the complete competency development process and allow participants to take away a practical hands-on experience from the program.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this workshop, you will be expected to know and understand:

  • The latest trends in the human resource field and the changing role of the human resource professional.
  • How to write job specifications and identify core competencies.
  • Methods of finding, selecting, and keeping the best people using behavioral description interviewing techniques.
  • How to get employees off to a good start.
  • How to deal with compensation and benefits.
  • How to maintain healthy employee relations.
  • How to make performance appraisals a cooperative process

Course Outlines

  • Planning employee orientation
  • The interview process
  • Using Behaviour Description interviewing
  • The importance of job descriptions
  • Advertising for resumes
  • Absenteeism
  • Diversity
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Discipline & Termination

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By the end the students will learn to

  1. Creating an Individual Strategic Plan
  2. Outlining a Balanced Scorecard
  3. Developing a Job Description Template
  4. Building Competency Statements
  5. Developing a Job Competency Model
  6. Performing Assessment Activities
  7. Individual Development Plans
  8. Training Alignment